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You have a beauty
You have a beauty
Like no other before
This beauty is what captured me
You have a beauty
Its almost to much for me
You give off a certain shine
This is why you must be mine
You have no idea
How much i wanted you
Now its not a want
Its become a need
Without you i am nothing
Just another nothing
You make me something
No one else even matters
Only you
No one else even matters
No one else comes close to you
You see
I'm in love with you
You were made for me
And i was made for you
True love only takes two
We have that we need
Just you and me
Thats all that i want
Thats all that we need
It has to be this way
It  has to be
Everynight i pray
That it will always be this way
So keep in mind
That you have to be mine
So keep in mind
I have no life
Its all yours not mine
For you i live
For you i will die
Untill death I'll be by your side

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