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Thought Of You
Some are good and some are bad
some are nice and some are sad
some tell the truth
some tell a lie
sometimes they make me want to sigh
some are of caring
others are of hate
some cause me to cry and some to debate
all of my thoughts are in my mind
but i cant tell anyone what kind

Some dont belong there but some obvoiusly do
some are of love connected with you
some are of life some of death
some are of being with you till your last breath
some are of waking
some are of sleep
some of them normally cause me to weep
all of these thoughts are in my head
has anyone listened to a word I've said?

Some are of us and being together
some are of us holding onto eachother
some are of how much of you i miss
some are of that first little kiss
some are in my heart, where they belong
all of thse thoughts of what I should do
But I cant share them with you

Some of theses thoughts are of what I do show
some of them are of things only I could know
some are of love shared
somea re of you for whom i did care
Some still want you to be by my side
some are of deep pain
that i often try to hide
All I really want is you and me together
To try to make it last from now til