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When I hear your name I feel
a little robbed of it
it seems unbelivable that
5 letters could mean so much

My compulsion is to blast down
every wall with your name
to teach the blind to see it,
the fish to srink it,
the birds to sing it,
to teach all men that there is nothing like the maddness
of repeating that name.

My compulsion is that
I'd paint it on every face and every town.
There would be no well
I hadnt shouted  your name into.

Nor a stone mountain
where I hadn't uttered
those 5 seperate letters
that are echoed back.

My compulsion is to  forget
altogether the other 23 letters
of the alpahbet,
all the numbers ,
all the books I have read,
the poems I've written.

To say hello with your name
To say goodbye with your name
To beg bread with your name.
They would say
" She always says the same thing" when they saw me.

And I'll go to heaven with your anme on my tounge
and I will answer
thier questions with your name
the judges and saints
will understand
God will sentence me
to repeating it
endlessly and forever.