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As I awaken in the morning dark sunshine finds its way in
I lay in bed and wonder when the battle will start again
The battle of what is right and what is wrong
I wonder if life is only death prolonged
I often wonder if this prolonged death, life, is a dream or is it real
My mind my heart my soul are torn are broken I dont understand how to feel
I dont know who is against me I dont know who is my friend
Sometimes I wish not to wake up for it to be the end
I ponder on the taking of ones life I think I would if hell were not the answer to this sin
The struggle of this battle I am afraid I will not win
As I look into the mirror I sometimes wonder who I am
And then I wonder what shes doing is she out with him
So many questions I burn with the need to ask
By the time I find the nerve to ask them the time to ask them is in the past
I'm so afraid I'll never get to see her face to look into her eyes
And I wander if she knows how much I love her does she even begin to realize
Yes its true her harbor holds her anchor so very far away
But no matter the tide of battle I was sure we'd be together someday
Now through out the battle I ask myself will I see her face ever
And I am so afraid that the answer will be never that we'll be apart forever
So all I ask of her is that we still be friends
...Maybe the lord will let me look into her eyes after the battle ends

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