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Heroes die everyday
His eyes rose to the stars in the sky above
He confessed all his sins and all of his love
He lunged out of the tall grass rapidly firing his gun
He lunged into a battle he knew would not be won
Yes he was a soldier yet he had no wish to kill
He'd seen death even dealt it a few times but he'd had his fill
As the year-like seconds flew so slowly by
he silently bid his wife, daughter, and his life goodbye
His gun is now empty so he pulls his knife
He rushes upon enemy stealing life after life
Now the squad is down he battles the enemy alone
He is so sick of blood and screaming drowned by machine-gun fire...he wishes he was home
He knows there is no chance the soldier is now captured his knife taken
And now for his country his love his freedom he falls into a sleep from which he will never awaken
A few weeks later he wife gets a letter
Stating that the pain she feels will never grow better
They never found the body it was probably dumped in some shallow water
But the good news is that they sent his pins, stripes, and ribbons for the wife and daughter
He was a hero the field general said
...Heroes die everyday

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