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Mother Whore
Hello mother
I've been dying to meet you
I'm you little girl's lover
I've heard alot about you
I've heard that you dont love your little girl anymore
How could you not love her how could you want more
You act as if she was a burden
And not the gift that she was to you
I'll be glad to take her if you dont want her
I'll be glad even if you do
I'll be glad to love her to hold her if you dont
I'll be glad even if you do
It looks like you fucked up
It looks like you need to back up
Look at what you've done
Cant you see
You keep fucking up
And that really angers me
Oh I fuck up too
Maybe even more than you
I mean I wont lie
And I dont see why to deny
I've hurt her alot
I think you've hurt her more
Shes your fucking daughter
Why dont you care
You brought her here
Now you'd better fucking be there
As a girl grows she needs a mother
Not a cold hard bitch who sometimes cares
But a loving mother who will ALWAYS be there
Do you remember living with your mother
think really hard
Now..what the fuck did she do too you?

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