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Guitar Gods
Chet Atkins~b.1924, country guitarist and record producer.

Chuck Berry~b.1926, rock guitarist, vocalist, and song writer

Eric Clapton~b.1945, English blues guitarist(one of my favorite rock guitarists)

Bo Diddley~b.1928, Mississippi-born rock guitarist and vocalist

Orville Gibson~guitar maker

Leo Fender~guitar builder(my favorite guitar maker!!)

Jimi Hendrix~b.1942-1971,left handed rock guitar player(i think he was ok but is over-rated)

Buddly Holly~b.1931-1959,rock guitar player(he used a strat made by Leo)

B.B.King~b.1925,blues guitarist, plays guitar named "lucille"

Jimmy Page~b.1944,blues/rock guitarist, former zeppelin member

Paul Simon~b.1941,rock guitarist, song writer

Carlos Santana~b.1947,jazz-rock guitar player, and bandleader

Eddie van Halen~b.1957,heavy-metal guitarist

Stevie Ray Vaughan~b.1954-1990,blues guitarist

Frank Zappa~b.1940,rock guitarist, composer, vocalist and bandleader

Kirk Hammet~Lead guitar player for METALLICA the worlds best band...Kirk is known for his "kirk method"...if you've never heard the kirk method listen to "one" by metallica...its the part that goes really'll know it when you hear it

Jordan T. Quinn~b.1985, rock/metal guitarist, song writer, vocalist...born to be bandleader

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